Buying & Selling

The Authorised Corporate Director (‘ACD’) to the CFP SDL Free Spirit Fund (the ‘Fund’) is ConBrio Fund Partners Limited.  Further information about the ACD may be found on its website at:

Any administrative or dealing enquiries about the Fund should be directed to the ACD’s appointed registrar on 0330 123 3739 (UK) or +44 (0)20 3975 1021 (international).

Sanford DeLand Asset Management Limited is not authorised to nor does it provide investment advice or recommendations.  It is therefore important that you decide if an investment is suitable for your financial needs.  Before making any decision to invest, please ensure you read the Prospectus, the Key Investor Information and the Supplementary Information Documents, which are available in our Document Library.  Should you have any doubt or require any advice about the suitability of an investment product managed by Sanford DeLand Asset Management Limited, you should contact an authorised financial adviser (the FCA provides some useful information here – please note SDL is not responsible for the content or performance of third party websites).