The Funds

A share represents a part ownership interest in a real business. We limit our efforts to identifying superior businesses for potential investment. We wait for the shares to come ‘on sale’ in the stockmarket. We focus on the long-term. And we don’t sell out just because the share price has risen and there is a profit to be taken.

  • Buffettology Fund

    CFP SDL UK Buffettology Fund

    The Investment objective of the CFP SDL UK Buffettology Fund is to achieve an annual compounding rate of return over the long term which is superior to the performance of the UK stock market. The trade mark 'Buffettology' is the subject of an exclusive ten-year Licence covering the UK and Ireland.

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  • Free Spirit Fund

    CFP SDL Free Spirit® FUND

    The investment objective of the CFP SDL Free Spirit ® Fund is to seek to maximise total returns over the long-term, defined as 5 – 10 years. At least 80% of the Fund will be invested in UK equities, with an emphasis on smaller and mid capitalised companies.

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