The Team

Sanford DeLand Asset Management (SDL) was established in March 2010 by a group of like-minded business professionals. In order to cover the costs of establishing and seeding the CFP SDL UK Buffettology Fund, they formed SDL Limited.  

Unlike many City asset management firms, the majority of the share capital of this entity is owned by the directors of the business. The willingness to seed the fund with their own capital ensures a strong focus on performance. 

  • Our Culture

    Keith and Rosemary discuss why an investment boutique is culturally right for them and what Sanford DeLand has planned for the future?



    Published on 9th May 2018

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    Business Perspective Investors start from the premise that there is no philosophical distinction between part ownership and outright ownership.

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    The moral of our approach is that only an excellent business bought at an excellent price makes an excellent investment. One without the other just won’t do.