The Home of the UK Buffettology Fund | Sanford Deland Asset Management

The Directors of Sanford DeLand (left to right) are: John Eckersley (Non-Executive Director), Keith Ashworth-Lord (Managing Director) and Rosemary Banyard (Investment Director).

About Sanford DeLand

Sanford DeLand Asset Management (SDL) was established in March 2010 by Keith Ashworth-Lord, supported by a group of like-minded business professionals, with a view to launching the CFP SDL UK Buffettology Fund.  

The directors of Sanford DeLand (pictured left to right) are John Eckersley (Non-Executive Director), Keith Ashworth-Lord (Managing Director) and Rosemary Banyard (Investment Director). SDL is an Appointed Representative of Castlefield Investment Partners LLP,  which is the investment adviser to both the SDL funds.

Unlike many asset management firms, the majority of the share capital of SDL is owned by the directors of the business. We have an association with Mary Buffett and David Clark, authors of the seminal ‘Buffettology’ series of investment books about Warren Buffett’s investment style. Other shares are owned by a small group of public company directors and business associates. 

Keith is a career professional with over 30 years’ equity capital markets experience in investment analysis, fund management and corporate finance. The flagship fund, which he manages day-to-day is the CFP SDL UK Buffettology Fund.

Rosemary joined SDL in October 2016 as a director, and launched the CFP SDL Free Spirit Fund in January 2017. Rosemary is an award-winning analyst and fund manager also with over 30 years of investment experience.

John is founder and managing partner of Castlefield, the firm who provide ACD services to SDL funds. 

Sanford DeLand manages funds according to the philosophy of Business Perspective Investing, widely acknowledged as one of the most successful long term investment strategies associated in particular with Warren Buffett and other disciples of Benjamin Graham.  

Building long term value for our shareholders and clients alike depends on one thing: performance. If you believe, as Business Perspective Investors do, that a share is an ownership claim on a business, then business success and investment success go hand in hand.